Engine Power (2015) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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More than ever before, people are addicted to huge horsepower and spine-compressing torque. Thats where Mike Galley and Pat Topolinski of Engine Power come in. As the hosts of the ONLY engine building how-to show on television, they have years of experience that will put you in the winners circle at the track or on the street. This season, they tackle such wide-ranging topics as a Slant Six, a supercharged small-block Chevy, a twin-turbo 347 Ford, and a 572-inch big-block Chevy. They were even entrusted with rebuilding the blown Ford Shotgun motor in the original monster truck, Big Foot, before it was enshrined in the Smithsonian Institute! Add in a blown Corvette and a ground-up 33 hot rod build and youve got the best season of Engine Power yet!

"Shows Included"

1. Bowtie on Steroids

2. Sweet Slant Six

3. Slant Six Duster

4. Blown Monster

5. Blown Monster CSI

6. Six Decades of Power

7. Blunt Force Trauma

8. Black & Blue Stage I

9. Black & Blue Stage II

10. Rattle Can Rod: Roller

11. Rattle Can Rod: Power

12. Project: Dirt Devil Chevy

13. Race Track Tuning

14. Project 242: AMC Jeep Six

15. Tips & Tricks

16. Hellion Mustang

17. Supercar Slayer: PowerStop Z06

18. PowerStop Z06: Supercharged

19. Bracket Blaster 572

20. Black & Blue: Stage III

21. 460 To The Max

22. Nitrous Big Block Ford


23. Galaxie Teardown