HorsePower DVD (2012) Complete Season 4-Disc Set

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As the forerunner of high performance, how-to television, Horsepower still leads the pack with its jam-packed lineup. With engine projects ranging from torque beasts for the strip, to budget-friendly daily drivers, Horsepower covers all the bases. Joe Elmore, Mike Galley and John Bouchard explore unique engine swaps, power-adder tests and new muscle machine technology. Plus, the shows become a valuable source of useful tech tips, designed to make home projects easier and less costly. Throw in some cool, lifestyle events, and youve got the Horsepower recipe for success.

"Shows Included"
1. Project "Sucker Punch"
2. "Sucker Punch" Powerplant
3. The Caddy 500 "Other Engine" Build Up
4. AMC "Other Engine" Build Up
5. "Newstalgia" Blown Hemi
6. Bang for the Buck Performance Mods
7. Sucker Punch Finale & 461 Oldsmobile Motor Build
8. E-Street Vortech Build
9. Budget Cylinder Head Refresh
10. Twin Ford 351 Builds
11. Twin Ford 351 Builds Pt. 2
12. 5.0 Mustang Blown To Go
13. An Old "Olds" Repurposed for New Power
14. Building the Ultimate True Street Race Engine
15. High Performance Fuel System Upgrade
16. Building a Competitive Dirt Track Engine
17. Modern EFI Tuning and Old Skool Drag Racing
18. HorsePower Invades the World's Largest Car Event
19. At-home Engine Machining and Cylinder Head Porting