Trucks! (2011) Complete Season 4-Disc Set

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Even 13 years after the first show hit the air, we have only begun to scratch the surface of Americas favorite ride! More than ever, were into pickups, S-U-Vs, diesels, classics or minis, theres something here for every enthusiast! Teaching you how to modify, customize and create with basic skills and advanced techniques are hosts Kevin Tetz and Ryan Shand. These guys do it all and show you how to build, fabricate, paint and customize everything from daily drivers to race ready torque monsters. So, if you want to build a stump-pulling diesel, dropped sport truck, custom hot rod pickup or weekend wheeler, Trucks! shows you how. From adding bolt-on upgrades to custom fabrication, Kevin and Ryan will help you get the most out of your truck every weekend...its Americas favorite ride, Trucks!

"Shows Included"
1. Ford F-350 Dually Upgrades
2. Extended Coma Part 1: New Timing Belt & Stock Test Drive
3. Super Dually Part 7: Retrofitting Cooling and Driver Controls
4. Rolling Thunder Part 10: Suspension Design & Driveline Installation
5. ClasSix Part 8: Drivetrain Installation
6. Project Rolling Thunder Part 11 Body Work Secrets
7. Search & Restore Rig Upgrades!
8. Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Upgrades!
9. Project ClasSix: Part 9 - ClasSix Rides Again!
10. Air-Over-Leaf Suspension Install!
11. Extended Coma Part 2: Adding a Turbo!
12. Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Upgrades! Part 2
13. Project Rolling Thunder Part 12 Fuel, Electical & Cooling Ducts!
14. Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Upgrades! Part 3
15. Project ClasSix Part: 10 Interior & Exhaust
16. Super Dually Part 8
17. Offroad Payoff x 2!
18. Project: Rolling Thunder Part 13 Heat Insulation & Exhaust
19. Project ClasSix: Part 11 Payoff !!!!