Trucks! (2012) Complete Season 4-Disc Set

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Trucks! is Americas most popular How To show about Americas most popular ride! Whether you want to build a custom hot rod, a dropped sport truck, weekend wheeler or stump pulling diesel, Trucks! is the show for you. Hosts Kevin Tetz and Ryan Shand show you how to build, fabricate, paint and customize everything from daily drivers to race ready torque monsters. Theres something here for every enthusiast! If you are ready to learn how to modify, customize and create with basic skills or advanced techniques or, if you just want to add some bolt-on upgrades, Kevin and Ryan will help you get the most out of your pickup, S-U-Vs, diesels, classics or minis... right here on Trucks!

"Shows Included"
1. Rolling Thunder Part 14 - Safety & Body Mods
2. Super Dually Part 9 - Odds & Ends
3. Rolling Thunder Part 15 - Gauges & Dent Repair
4. Buy a Used Truck!
5. Our "New" 1971 C-10 Cheyenne
6. GMC 1500 - A New Stance
7. Starter Rebuild & Modern Whitewalls
8. For Sale: Engine Clean Up & Dress Up
9. Project: Rolling Thunder Part 16 - "Blankie" Front Bumper Fab
10. Jeep Comanche Three Link Suspension Upgrade
11. Bilstein's Jeep Wrangler JK Giveaway Project
12. Bilstein's Jeep Wrangler JK Giveaway Gets a Payoff!
13. Dodge 2500 Helper Air Spring Install
14. Putting America Back to Work Part 1
15. Putting America Back to Work Part 2
16. 1971 C-10 Cheyenne Door Replacement
17. Nashville Good Guys Truck Show & Autocross
18. 6 Liter LS Truck Engine Swap
19. E-Force Supercharger Install