Xtreme 4x4 (2013) Complete Season 4-Disc Set

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From the Western desert, to the Eastern mountains, well travel the country coast-to-coast in our ninth season! Short Course racing, Ultra4 action, punishing hill climb, weve got it all! This year on Xtreme 4x4, our 800+ HP turbodiesel buggy rips through the mud while our budget-friendly, ready-made crawler burns up the trail without burning through the bank account! Plus, we pit our revamped 97 F-150 against a new Raptor, to see if it can keep up. Back in the Xtreme shop, youll find in-depth info to keep your rig running right. Sometimes, when youre working on your ride, you just get hung up on some aspect of the build. We get a lot of requests for help on viewers projects, and this year, we answer the call! With our new feature, Driveway Rescue, well bring our shop van to you and provide the tools and support you need to keep your build moving forward. Whether you wheel with your daily driver, or with a hardcore, dedicated rig, if its got four wheels and a transfer case, youll find it on Xtreme 4x4!