Detroit Muscle (2014) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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Whether you like the classics from the 60s and 70s or the latest 400- , 500- , 600, and 700-horsepower ground-pounders from the Motor City today, Detroit Muscle shows you how to restore, modify and improve the best of the Big Three. The number-one muscle car how-to show on TV digs deep this season, teaming up with Butler Performance to build a bulletproof 474 cubic inch pump gas Pontiac stroker and starting on Porject: UltraViolet! Our hands-on hosts give you the most insight into how to install everything from performance bolt-ons to new sheetmetal. This season covers such unusual topics as rebuilding fuel, water and oil pumps for more muscle car performance and reliability, fabricating a custom interior, and an all-girl build. This season covers everything from payoffs, to grocery getters, to new builds!

"Shows Included"

1. Trans Am Transformation

2. Trans Am Part 2

3. Trans Am Part 3 Movie Car Magic

4. Stout Differential

5. 4 Barrel Fix

6. Tough As Nails Trans Am

7. 1969 Car Wars

8. Bandit Body Building

9. Beautiful Black Bird

10. Interior Creature Comforts

11. Firebird Finale

12. Plain Pony to Fastback

13. 427 Cobra Replica: All Girls Build

14. Grocery Gladiator: Blown Magnum

15. Grocery Gladiator: Smooth Shave

16. Go With the Flow: Performance Pump Tech

17. Glass Tech 101

18. Hurst Olds: Panel Gap Perfection

19. Hurst Olds: Aluminum Air Box

20. Project Ultra Violet: '70 Challenger

21. Project Ultra Violet: Roof Skin

22. Project Ultra Violet: Framed

23. Project Ultra Violet: Body Beautiful