Detroit Muscle (2015) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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Whether you like the classics from the 60s and 70s or the latest 400- , 500- , 600, and 700-horsepower ground-pounders from the Motor City today, Detroit Muscle shows you how to restore, modify and improve the best of the Big Three. The number-one muscle car how-to show on TV digs deep this season, creating a one-of-a-king 49 Ford custom that harkens back to the days of drive-in movies and poodle skirtsright down to the flame throwers in the exhaust! Our trio of hands-on hosts give you the most insight into how to install everything from performance bolt-ons to new sheetmetal. This season covers such unusual topics as cutting custom glass using fire, rebuilding a manual transmission with basic hand tools, fabricating a custom interior, and installing a full, modern frame on a unibody Challenger from 1970. If you like modern muscle, we upgrade the underpinnings of an all-new 2015 Mustang GT, plus install a Ford Performance Parts supercharger on the new Coyote 5.0

"Shows Included"

1. Project Banana Split - Deadly Doors

2. Punch Job

3. Crazy Hemi

4. Custom Headlights & Tail Lamps

5. Shaker Secrets

6. Peaked and Shaved

7. Rub-a-dub Mini Tub

8. Banana Split: Turn & Stop

9. Banana Split: Skirts & Paint

10. Gen 6 Mustang: Blown GT

11. Gen 6 Mustang: Suspension

12. Project: Ultra Violet

13. Flatheads Rule

14. Challenger Challenges

15. Athletic A-Body

16. Skirts, Spinners & Wide Whites

17. Mopar Makeovers

18. Hot Rod How-to: Interiors

19. Pain in the Glass

20. Resto-Mod Interior

21. Fire In The Hole

22. Rust Be Gone

23. Mission: Transmission