Detroit Muscle (2016) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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Whether you love your muscle cars from the 60s, 70s, 80s or today, the gang at Detroit Muscle has you covered. Hosts Tommy Boshers and Marc Christ are dedicated to rebuilding, restoring and upgrading Motowns finest. Theyll show you how to add port fuel injection to a small-block Nova, install a five-speed manual transmission and upgraded suspension parts in an early ponycar, and bolt on a supercharger to Chevys latest Camaro SS. Need a low-buck way to upgrade your interior? Tommy and Marc go step-by-step to refinish panels, add carpeting and rubber trim, plus where to find budget seats. Theyll show you how to set up your car for an open track event, add air suspension, revamp the rusted body on your old iron and paint it, too!

"Shows Included"

1. IROC and So Can You! Punch Job

2. Low Buck IROC Interior

3. Ultraviolet Payoff

4. SEMA Mustang Thrash

5. 66 Mustang 5-Speed Fix

6. 66 Mustang Suspension Overhaul

7. IROC Paint Overhaul and Payoff

8. The Highwayman: Marquis to the Max

9. The Highwayman: Part II

10. Renewing A Nova

11. Challenger Challenge

12. The Highwayman: Monster Mercury

13. Barn Find Bow Tie

14. Ultimate Challenger: Twin Turbo Hemi

15. Ultimate Challenger: Final Assembly

16. Sheetmetal Makeover

17. Chevelle - New Legs

18. Ultimate Challenger Payoff

19. Camaro SS Part 1

20. Camaro SS Part 2

21. Barn Find Bow Tie: Interior and Panel Repair

22. Nova Fuel Injection and Street Machine Nationals


23. Barn Find Bow Tie: Shiny Bits and Panel Fits