Detroit Muscle DVD (2018) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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In this season of Detroit Muscle, hosts Tommy Boshers and Marc Christ take their late-model Cadillac CTS-V on its maiden voyage, jump in for one last ride on an infamous twisty road with their Barn Find ’72 Chevelle, and team up with Valvoline to build a ’17 Camaro SS for one lucky sweepstakes winner. The team continues to work on the two ‘80s ladies, Sydewinder and Street Regal, and Hard Charger restoration is in full force with the addition of one mean modern powerplant. We can’t forget a visit to the very last remaining drag strip in England. If modern and classic American muscle cars are your thing, then this is right up your alley! 

Shows Included:

1. Cadillac Donuts and Chevelle Keeps it Cool
2. Hard Charger Floor and How to Pinstripe
3. Barn Find Chevelle Payoff
4. Four Eyed Faceoff Part 1
5. Hard Charger Metalwork and Sign Painting
6. Transmissions and Trunk Pans
7. Cobra Cleanup
8. Tommy's Magical Adventure
9. Sydewinder Suspension
10. Hard Charger - Bodyworking Bonanza
11. Sydewinder- Rigid Roller
12. Hard Charger…or Midnight Rider?
13. Cobra Fender Flares and Charger Charms
14. A Tennessee Tom in King Arthur’s Brake Factory
15. Valvoline Camaro Part 1
16. Valvoline Camaro Part 2
17. Camaro Test Drive and English Drag Racing
18. Sydewinder Patina Paint and Late Model Tuning
19. Hard Charger Power Plant Reveal
20. Hard Charger – Hellcrate Install
21. Hard Charger – Rear Suspension
22. Sydewinder - Clean on the Inside
23. Hard Charger - Interior and Out Back