Detroit Muscle DVD (2019) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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In this season of Detroit Muscle, hosts Tommy Boshers and Marc Christ take on the '80s! If classic American muscle cars are your thing, then this is right up your alley! 

Episodes in this case:

  1. Turn Back Time and Prep for the Future

  2. Exhausted and Tubbed

  3. GN Xtras!

  4. Sydewinder Fuel System and Regal Interior Upgrades

  5. Going Topless!

  6. Detroit State of Mind

  7. Max Performance ‘80’s Style

  8. Sydewinder Gets New Shoes

  9. Mustang Track Prep

  10. Buying Rare Muscle

  11. Sweepstakes: EBC Mustang GT

  12. EBC Mustang Exterior and Charger Project Comes Home

  13. Exhausted Hard Charger!

  14. Top Down! Turned Up!

  15. Charger Front End!

  16. Charger Hood and Interior

  17. Mustang Sydewinder at the Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals

  18. Pontiac Convertible Interior

  19. EBC Mustang Rolls Out

  20. Campus Cruising and Charger Custom Carpet

  21. Hellcat Charger Final Push

  22. Henry Ford Museum