Engine Power (2014) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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Nobody knows high performance like the gurus at Engine Power! Its the only show on television that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to turn any engine into a tarmac-tearing monster. Hosts Mike Galley, Joe Elmore, and Pat Topolinski have decades of experience building all manner of hairy powerplants and strip pounders, and they are here to share this knowledge with you. Whether you have an inline six, a small-block LS Chevy, Ford, or Mopar, they give you the recipe to turn it into a beast. The builds on this disc are as varied as possible, with everything from a 4.8L LS to a flathead Ford and a 572 Hemi get attention.

"Shows Included"

1. Junkyard LS Short Block

2. Junkyard LS Long Block

3. Old Skool Six

4. Top End Tricks

5. DriveLine Tech

6. LS7 Oiling Solution

7. Twin Turbo Coyote

8. Old Skool Flatty: Part 1 - How to Hot Rod a Ford Flathead

9. Iron Animal Part 1: Building a 408 Stroker

10. Iron Animal Part 2: Flow Bench testing Heads

11. Barely Legal Mustang Part 1

12. Happy Birthday Hemi

13. Barely Legal Mustang Part 2

14. Old Skool Flatty: 3 Deuce V8

15. Heavy Hitter Hemi: Modern 426

16. Barely Legal Mustang Part 3: Cockpit Tech

17. Stealth Crate 427: Heads or Tales?

18. Stealth Crate 427: Nitrous Madness

19. Iron Animal 408: Wicked Turbo Power

20. Camaro Combat Prep

21. Barely Legal Mustang: Facelift

22. Lime Dime: 427 Big Block


23. Lime Dime: More Power