Engine Power (2018) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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On this season of Engine Power, hosts Pat Topolinski and Mike Galley pick up a ’74 Glencoe jet boat dubbed Lake Missile and drop in a 540ci big block. The guys pick up Triple Threat Camaro project and finish it up with a 440i Motown engine, a custom chassis, and plenty of other upgrades. To celebrate Summit Racing’s 50th Anniversary, Mike and Pat build a dirt track car “UMPdirt” to bring out to Modified Mania where it is auctioned off to benefit Shriners children’s hospital. The crew makes a trip over to Factory Five Racing headquarters to help build a hot rod truck and also visits Beech Bend Drag Strip Raceway for the Outlaw Street Car Reunion. Other exciting things this season include a visit from ProCharger’s Corvette Z06 for some go-fast goodies and the Olds 455ci engine receives a top end refresh. A Factory Stock Coyote-powered Fox-body Mustang is strapped down to the rollers searching for maximum power, the “takeout” LQ4 becomes a test bed for affordable upgrades, and the 512ci Mopar big block goes from a solid street engine to a pump gas race bullet. Look for all that and more on this season of Engine Power!

Shows Included:

1. Triple Threat Camaro
2. Factory Five Hot Rod Truck
3. Boats & Olds
4. Project: Lake Missile
5.  Coyote-Powered LX
6. Mopar Power
7. Takeout Time
8. Triple Threat Powerplant
9. Triple Threat Chassis
10. One Fine 440
11. Head-to-Head Horsepower
12. Triple Threat Camaro Tech
13. UMP DIRTcar
14. Triple Threat Camaro: Interior
15. Outlaw Street Car Reunion
16. Supercharged Coyote
17. Triple Threat Exhaust
18. Driveway Rescue: Everyday Charger
19. Triple Threat Completion
20. UMP Engine
21. Driveway Rescue: Z71
22. UMP Modified Mania
23. Machine Shop