HorsePower DVD (2008) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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2008 was great for anyone who loves making horsepower! This season's HorsePower with Joe Elmore and Mike Galley featured motor build-ups on everything from smallblock LS-1's to monster big blocks. Also look for revealing dyno test on an array of high performance parts to see how much power you get for the money. Plus, they mix up the menu with features on cool heads-up racing events and shows as the HorsePower Team explored the high-performance lifestyle all over America.

"Shows Included"

1. All LSX Show
2. Extreme Mud Race Motor
3. UFC Street Fighter
4. Power Adders for a Pair of Chevys
5. Hot Rod Bike Buildup
6. Motor Mod Trio
7. Low-buck Daily Driver
8. Cool Carb Tech
9. Cheap HorsePower
10. A Fine 409
11. Pontiac 400 Build
12. HorsePower Road Racer
13. Supercharging for 200 Horses
14. The Lean Green Street Machine
15. The Lean Green Street Machine-Phase Two
16. Championship Bike Build-Off
17. Lean Green Street Machine-Phase Three
18. HorsePower Turbo Stang
19. Building a Better Turbo Motor
20. Mustang Made Race-ready
21. Boneyard Bowtie LS-1
22. HorsePower Best Builds
23. Boneyard Bowtie and Bloopers