MuscleCar DVD (2007) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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MuscleCar's second season goes full throttle, finishing Project Blue Hair, a Nova "street sleeper" with a LS-2 corvette crate motor. The Shelby GT-350R vintage clone racer is outfitted with a tubeframe, rollcage and a Roush GT-40 race engine for the outlaw class racing circuit! The Challenger "ground pounder" gets a slick paint job. Learn how to build a late '60s Camaro front end suspension on a shoe string budget and watch as we show you professional paint tips and tricks. This season will also include flashback retrospectives on American muscle cars and be on the look out for new "Special" segments that will air this season!

"Shows Included"

1. Project Old Blue Hair "Sleeper" Wakes Up
2. "Old Blue Hair" Gets in Gear, With a Beefed up Rear End
3. Final day for "Old Blue Hair"
4. "Budget" Front Ends Mods
5. Road Race Mustang Build Up Pt. 1
6. Road Race Mustang Build Up Pt. 2
7. Painter Special - Flames
8. Road Race Mustang Build Up Pt. 3
9. Mustang Outlaw Road Racer
10. '70 Challenger Body Work
11. Superbird, EPA Turn Coat
12. Pontiac LeMans - Refurbishing the Frame
13. Pontiac LeMans - Stroker Build Up
14. Mustang Road Racer
15. Mustang Road Racer Continues
16. Pontiac LeMans Complete Body Work
17. Project '67 LeMans - Body Fabrication and Repair
18. Project "Over Kill" Paint and Reassembly
19. Automatic Transmission Rebuilding
20. Rear Suspension Options
21. Mustang Road Racer - Fiber Glass
22. Mustang Road Racer - All Night with Lou
23. Manual Transmission Re-build