MuscleCar DVD (2010) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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MuscleCar is back for another season packed full of red-hot resto projects. Rick The Arsonist Bacon shares his awesome paint and fabrication skills with endless tips and unusual techniques. Tommy Boshers shows off his wide range of talents, from fabrication to engine mechanics. Dont have a huge budget for your restoration? No problem! MuscleCars got you covered with Project Blue Collar Buick, plus plenty of money-saving ideas throughout the season. Pick up some cool ideas as more custom parts are fabbed for Project Altered E-Go, and check out Project Red Sleds finale when it rolls out for a ride. Plus, our Flashback series takes an in-depth look at all-original muscle car survivors that are still tearin up the pavement.

"Shows Included"
1. Edelbrock Mustang Track Car
2. Altered E-Go Exhaust
3. Plan Your Next Project!
4. Project Blue Collar Buick Debut
5. Blue Collar Buick Roof and Rust
6. Red Sled Console, Paint and Emblems
7. Red Sled Steering, Clutch and Air Ride
8. Machine Shop and Shift Kit
9. Buffing, Polishing and Touch-Ups
10. Blue Collar Buick Bumpers and Door Handles
11. Blue Collar Buick Tail Lights
12. Blue Collar Front Suspension
13. Altered E-Go Lexan Windows
14. The Fantastic 4-Speed
15. Blue Collar Engine Compartment Makeover
16. Wyo Tech Warrior Paint
17. Collar Buick Air Cleaner and Gas Tank
18 .Blue Collar Buick Paint
19. Altered E-Go Fiberglass Hood & Torque Arm
20. The Ultimate '33 Hot Rod Paint
21. Duplicolor Mustang
22. Blue Collar Buick Interior and Payoff
23. Big Block Dream Cars