Search & Restore DVD (2012) Episode 04 - '55 Chevy Handyman Wagon Finale

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Premiered: May 19th & 20th Search & Restore Single Episode DVD Now, for the first time, RTM Productions is pleased to offer a Directors Cut start-to-finish DVD for Search & Restores build of our 55 Chevy Handyman Wagon. This collectors edition includes never-before-seen footage of the build in progress, including detailed how-to, exclusive uninterrupted footage of Chad Terhars first test drive, and the always popular bloopers and outtakes of the shenanigans on the shop floor of the Powerblock Tech Center. All told, more than 22 minutes of bonus footage! Fans will get a near-firsthand experience of the fun and frantic atmosphere that occurs when building a hot rod in just 19 days! See this world-class Shoebox Chevy go from a rusted out junkyard find, to a modern street rod worthy of any show and shine or car show. Our Handyman project takes viewers through the build teardown, to metal fabrication, paint to interior all told over 3000 man hours went into crafting this classic ride. Also included in this exclusive collection is footage from our pick up complete with interviews from the owner Chad Terhar and his wife who were surprised when the Search & Restore big rig pulled up in their driveway to rescue their ride.