Truck Tech (2015) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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No one knows trucks like the hosts of Truck Tech. Whether youre building a Jeep for improved on- and off-road performance, modernizing a classic Ford or Chevy from the 1950s, or adding horsepower and amenities to your daily driver, Truck Tech, the highest-rated truck show on TV, is the one to watch! This season on the top-rated truck show, we drop a turbocharged Ecoboost six into Project Basket case, our 55 F100, swap a Duramax diesel and Allison transmission into Project Night Train, an 87 Chevy pickup, and upgrade a Jeep Wrangler. For the outdoors enthusiast, host Ryan Shand converted a 200,000-mile Nissan Frontier into the ultimate hunting and fishing rig. We even show you a bunch of ways to save big bucks by doing general maintenance yourself.

"Shows Included"

1. Project Basket Case: Eco Boost

2. Custom 9 Rear Gear

3. Project NighTrain - Diesel Swap

4. Wider is Better

5. Ultra Cheap Paint Job

6. Sonic Suspension

7. Project NighTrain - Boxing the Frame

8. Wrangler Re-do: 2WD to 4WD

9. BigFoot Lives

10. Wrangler Re-do: Axles

11. F100 Basket Case: Spark

12. Wrangler Re-do: Performance

13. Wrangler Re-do: Payoff

14. Project NighTrain: Paint Repair

15. Project: Wild Frontier

16. Classic Chevy Hop Up

17. Wild Frontier: Payoff

18. Classic Chevy Paint Repair & Payoff

19. NighTrain: Suspension

20. F150 Wake Up

21. Classic F100 Updates

22. NighTrain: Fire Up


23. DIY Driveway Projects