Truck Tech (2016) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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Whether youre into classic street trucks or off-road monsters, Truck Tech is the place to find the best how-to tech. Hosts Jeremy Bumpus and Lawrence LT Tolman show you how to fix, restore and upgrade your truck in every way possible. Follow along as they take you from the basics (like slamming a suspension or installing a lift kit and engine troubleshooting) to late-model motor and transmission transplants, all the way to custom turbo and supercharging setups. Watch as they give step-by-step instructions on how to do a custom interior, spray your first paint job or repair body damage. Truck Tech gives you the knowledge to tackle just about any project.

"Shows Included"

1. Project Basket Case Fire Up & NighTrain Plumbing

2. Project Basket Case Body Mockup & Paint Prep

3. Project Hemi-Hauler: Supercharger & Exhaust

4. NighTrain Payoff & Budget Silverado

5. Suspension Drop 101 Leafs vs Links

6. Hemi Hauler Payoff

7. 71 C10 Part 1

8. JK Wrangler Upgrades

9. Project C10 - Reassembly

10. Project Basket Case Intercooler Fab & Frame Paint

11. White Noize Drivetrain Upgrades

12. White Noize Gets Forced Induction

13. Project Basket Case Paint & Body

14. JK Wrangler Upgrades Part II & Basket Case Wood Bed

15. Project Basket Case Wiring & C10 Plumbing and Exhaust

16. 71 C10 Rust Repair and Final Assembly Before Paint

17. Project Basket Case - Custom Interior

18. 71 C10 Interior & Bed Assembly

19. Emissions Mission, C10 Faux-tina Paint

20. Project Basket Case: Custom Cut Glass & Final Assembly

21. C10 Gets Fired Up

22. Ram Jam


23. F100 Finale