Truck Tech (2017) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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 In this season of Truck Tech, the team wraps up both the C10 and the Workahauler F-150 before turning their attention to Project SuperMax where they take an ’03 Duramax and chop the frame for a smaller bed along with lots of other mods. Two new projects to roll in the shop are the Klassy K5 Blazer and the Ford Model A – both will get a complete overhaul! So, for all the body work, restoration and custom work you could want to make sure and take a look!

Shows Included:

1. Classic C-10 Dyno & Track Test
2. Workahauler F-150
3. Suspension Overhaul
4. SuperMax Shrink
5. Project Preview
6. SuperMax Stage 1 Upgrades
7. Klassy K5 Introduction & Teardown
8. SuperMax Rust Repair & Paint Prep
9. Identity Crisis Engine & Trans
10. Identity Crisis Custom Paint
11. Klassy K5 Blast & Body Work, Silverado IFS Upgrades
12. Identity Crisis Reassembly
13. Ford Model A Truck Chassis
14. SuperMax Paint & Steering
15. Klassy K5 Frame Repair, Axles
16. Ford Model A Teardown Build-Up
17. Klassy K5 Rolling Chassis
18. SuperMax Stage 2 Engine Upgrades
19. Klassy K5 Powertain, SuperMax Engine Dress Up
20. SuperMax Stage 2 Final Mods
21. Klassy K5 Axle Rebuild
22. SuperMax Drag Strip Prep
23. SuperMax Payoff