Truck Tech (2018) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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On this season of Truck Tech, Lawrence “LT” Tolman and Jeremy Bumpus bring back some of last season’s projects which includes a 1930 Model A with plans of turning it into a modern-day street rod. Project Klassy K-5 Blazer is back and and reunited with its chassis. It also gets new sheet metal, a fancy new custom paint job, wiring, and a new interior among other things. The guys pick up a clean ‘74 Ford F-100 project and wake up the 351 Windsor with a top end kit and give the truck few other upgrades before payoff. A new Nissan NV2500 van is turned into a tricked-out mobile workshop for performing Driveway Rescues, and they also pick up a 2016 Ram 3500 6.7L Dually project and give it the works. Jeremy and LT also make their way to square-body heaven when they visit the LMC C10 Nationals in Texas. If trucks are your thing, you won’t want to miss this season of Truck Tech!


Shows Included:

1. Model A, to Model AWESOME
2. Blazer Pre-Paint
3. F-100 Purchase and Baseline
4. Preparing the Model A to Go Lower
5. F-100 Stage One Suspension
6. K-5 and F100 Hop Up
7. Model A Frame Drop
8. F100 Engine Top End Kit
9. F100 Stage 1 Wrap-Up
10. Driveway Rescue Rig
11. '74 Ford F100 Payoff
12. Model A Rear Suspension
13. Model A Engine Mounted
14. Ram 3500 Stage One: Air & Tune
15. Ram 3500 Stage One: Gauges & Intercooler
16. Chevy Blazer Custom Paint
17. Driveway Rescue: '94 Bronco
18. Ram Diesel Turbo Swap & Exhaust
19. Chevy Blazer Assembly/Interior
20. Ram Diesel Fuel System Upgrades
21. Klassy K5 Wiring & Glass Tech
22. Ram 3500 Bullet-Proof Transmission