Truck Tech (2019) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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If trucks are your thing, you won’t want to miss this season of Truck Tech!

Episodes in this case:

1. Stage 2 Ram Wrap-Up
2. Dually Draggin’
3. Klassy K5 Mud Fun
4. Project Red Tide Gets Slammed 5. Project Red Tide: Driveline

6. Project Red Tide: AWD Sport Truck 7. Project Red Tide: Fuel & First Start

8. New Project: Meet Lo ‘n Slo

9. Red Tide Wrap-up
10. Lo’n Slo Teardown. Red Tide Dirt Track

11. Sea Foam Truck Tech Sweepstakes: Big Lift
12. Sea Foam Truck Tech Sweepstakes: Power Adders
13. Lo’n Slo Suspension
14. Sea Foam Truck Tech Sweepstakes: Trans & Gears
15. “Dragonali” Tune & Ultimate Callout Challenge
16. “Dragonali” Gets Lowered & Driveway Rescue ’06 Silverado

17. Lo ‘n Slo Gets a Turbo
18. Lo ‘n Slo Axle Build & Pearl Paint
19. Lo ‘n Slo Interior Prep & Driveway Rescue

20. Lo ‘n Slo Custom Interior & GMC Look-See 21. Dragonali Transmission Mission

22. Diesel Deconstruction