Trucks! DVD (2008) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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In the 10th season, Trucks! has turned up the fire with more multi-episode projects like the new "MuscleTrux" series. The 2008 season pits all the different truck makes against each other to see who comes out on top, and kicks it all off with the age-old Ford-vs-Chevy rivalry. They also bring back the drag truck Haulin' S-10, so we can do what every good racer wants to do - go faster! Check out some inexpensive ways to ride in style, like the Cheep Cherokee project. Trucks! spends as little money as possible on this Jeep, while showing you some creative ways to do the work yourself and keep the cash! Speaking of riding in style, the "Daily Driver C-10" project returns to finish the classic 1966 C-10 and get it back out roaming the streets. And, you simply won't believe "Project HRT" - the awesome, chopped '37 Ford Hot Rod Truck that's a stunning Show Shine winner, hiding lots of muscle under the hood!

"Shows Included"
1. MuscleTrux, Part 1
2. MuscleTrux Part 2: 1990 Chevrolet 454 SS
3. MuscleTrux Part 3: 1994 Ford Lightening
4. Cheep Cherokee Part 1
5. Project HRT Part 4
6. C-10 Daily Driver Part 3
7. Cheep Cherokee Part 2
8. Project HRT Part 5
9. Cheep Cherokee Part 3
10. Haulin' S-10, Pt. 7
11. Cheep Cherokee Part 4
12. MuscleTrux Part 4
13. MuscleTrux, Pt. 5
14. 5 Grand Cherokee Part 1
15. MuscleTrux Part 6
16. 5 Grand Cherokee Part 2
17. Project Crash'em up Truck
18. 5 Grand Cherokee Part 3
19. MuscleTrux Part 7
20. Tall Tundra
21. C-10 Daily Driver Part 4
22. Liquid Propane Conversion
23. HRT & Ron Covell Metal shaping Lesson