Xtreme 4x4 (2010) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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Now in its sixth season, Xtreme 4x4 continues its tradition of building the sickets off-road trucks, from Jeeps to dual-purpose full-size pickups, tube buggies, and way over-the-top-4x4s. Well hit the trail this year with some of our latest creations as we finish what weve started with our IH Scout, our 800hp mud truck, our single-seat tube buggy, and a new project that will fire up not only history buffs, but anyone into hardcore wheeling, our 1977 Military M53OC fire truck. Ian and Chris turn this 6x6 into a 4x4 amazingly on a budget by using mostly used military parts and a lot of ingenuity. And well dip into our archives and show you cool places to go off-roading in a recurring segment were calling Americas Top Trails.

"Shows Included"
1. 69 International Scout Part VI - Springs, Brakes, Fuel System
2. Budget Buggy part IV Custom Paint with Aerosol Cans & Re-Assembly
3. 69 International Scout Part V Wiring Basics, Gauges, Schematics, Troubleshooting
4. MIG Welding 101 Different Machines, Set Ups and Techniques. Americas Top Trails Pt 2.
5. Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part I.
6. Mud Truck Part V Recap and Dirty Payoff
7. Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part II.
8. Budget TJ Jeep Part II
9. Loctite Nominate a Hero UTV Giveaway
10. Diesel Buggy part 1 step by step design
11. 69 International Scout Part VI E85 tune, plus street and trail payoff!
12. Budget TJ Jeep Part III
13. Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part III, Finale!
14. Aluminum Welding
15. Toyota Mini Part 4 Custom Axles & Suspension
16. Toyota Mini Part 5 Questions and Answers
17. Budget TJ Part IV finale
18. Diesel Buggy part 2, Dixie Trail Run
19. Supercharged JK part 1
20. Supercharged JK part 2
21. Diesel Buggy Pt 3
22. The LS Series Engines for Off Road
23. Fuel Saving Street Truck Start to Finish