Xtreme 4x4 (2011) Complete Season 4-Disc Set

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In 2011, Xtreme 4x4 enters its lucky 7th season as North Americas most watched off road television show. A slew of new projects are planned along with the completion of several favorites including our Nissan expedition crew truck, monster diesel-powered curvy buggy, supercharged JK Wrangler, as well as finishing up our red candy red-single seater sporting an Acura rear engine/transaxle configuration. You full-size fans will witness the build-up of a 95 Chevy Blazer, including a solid axle swap and leaf spring options. For the first time viewers can log on and participate in our Blog Buggy project, and choose what engine, transmission combo, color, seats shifters etc, go into this build. Well detail the parts and prices along the way. Ian and Chris will take the mystery out of shock tuning with an episode providing step-by-step how-to. And just like our fuel saving street truck, our recurring project this season is our Lo-dolla Wheeler, when we take a $1,000 90s Jeep Cherokee and turn it into a capable hardcore daily driver/weekend wheeler.

"Shows Included"
1. Diesel Buggy Part 4 - Suspension, Steering
2. Nissan Crew Truck Part 3
3. Full Size Blazer Part 1
4. Supercharged JK Part 3
5. Diesel Buggy Part 5
6. Full Size Blazer Part II
7. Full Size Blazer Part III, Low Dollar Wheeler II
8. Green Samurai Returns!
9. 14-Bolt Axle 101 / Low Dollar Wheeler Part III
10. Full-Size Blazer Part IV / Low Dollar Wheeler Part IV
11. TIG Welding 101
12. Blog Buggy Part 1
13. Blog Buggy Part 2 / Low Dollar Wheeler VI
14. Toyota Mini Truck on the Rocks
15. Full Size Blazer Trail Ride
16. Low Dollar Wheeler Off-Road
17. Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part I
18. Shock Tuning 101
19. Blog Buggy Part III