Xtreme 4x4 (2012) Complete Season 4-Disc Set

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Our eighth season of Xtreme 4x4 kicks off with wide variety of projects, from an expedition Grand Cherokee, to a diesel-powered tube buggy with over 800 horsepower! And with the side-by-side market hotter than ever, well upgrade a UTV from the ground up, with engine enhancements, long-travel suspension, a custom cage, and more. The Blog Buggy, a rock crawler designed by our viewers, will soon be ready for battle on some of the toughest trails we can find. Weve rebuilt the engine with a new camshaft, modern electronics, and a custom turbo setup.gaining an additional 100 horsepower in the process! Finally, we upgrade a Jeep TJ for maximum performance on the rocks. Each step of this project is self-contained, and can be done in stages, as budget and time allow.

"Shows Included"
1. Aluminum Samurai Part 1
2. Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part 2
3. Blog Buggy Part 4
4. Expedition Jeep Grand Cherokee Part 3
5. Aluminum Samurai Part 2
6. Blog Buggy Part 5
7. Blog Buggy Part 6
8. Half-Price Raptor Part 1
9. Half-Price Raptor Part 2
10. Chase Truck Part 1 / Jeep TJ Part 2
11. Spring Rates 101 / Gorilla Run Hill Climb

12. Chase Truck Part 2
13. Aluminum Samurai Part 3 / Jeep TJ Part 3
14. Essential Trail Gear and Tips / Jeep TJ Part 4
15. Aluminum Samurai Part 4: Zuwharrie Trail Ride
16. Half-Price Raptor Part 3 / Jeep Speed Up Close
17. Half-Price Raptor Part 4 / Jeep TJ Part 5
18. 2-Car Garage Crawler Part 1 / Inside the Rock Crawler
19. Jeep TJ: On the Road, In the Rocks!