Xtreme 4x4 DVD (2007) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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In their third season, Americas favorite guy-girl off-road fabrication team continues to wow viewers with their Xtreme 4x4 creations! The all-tube custom chassis Bottom Drawer Buggy, the wrecking yard 85 FJ Land Cruiser Project Saggin Wagon, both make a return to the shop and then hit the trails. Plus a slew of new and unique projects make their way to Xtreme 4x4 in 2007. Jessi and Ian take on a special build as they take on building a Pro 2 race truck for the CORR series. Plus, a new 4 door Jeep Wrangler will be outfitted with Xxtremities for serious off-road. Project Cheap Jeep returns to transform this budget build of a Jeep CJ, into an incredible all-purpose trail truck. And our world-class camera crews head from coast to coast to cover the hottest events, and tackle the toughest terrain imaginable!

"Shows Included"

1. Bottom Drawer Buggy part II Ian Johnson Mud Racing, Smoke Run, PA
2. Bottom Drawer Buggy Finale CORR Carl Renezeder Profile, Chula Vista, CA
3. Kelderman 2008 F250 Superduty WE Rock World
4. FJ Cruiser I / Saggin Wagon III Casey Illinois Endurance Race
5. FJ Cruiser II Payoff / Saggin Wagon IV Tucson, AZ trails
6. JK Wrangler Dual Build Camp Jeep
7. Cheap Jeep Returns / Ultimate Axle Show! Top Shop Challenge
8. CORR Pro II Trophy Truck Part 1 - Track Tech, Chula Vista, CA
9. Jeep Speed II Pro Truck Series: Staats Family
10. JK Stage II Payoff - Mud Racing: Young guns vs. Old timers
11. SubUrban Gorilla Part IX Pro Truck Series legend Rod Hall
12. CORR Pro II Trophy Truck - Part 2
13. Rockwell Rebuild Bottom Drawer Buggy Payoff 2
14. CORR Pro II Trophy Truck - Part 3
15. Suburban Gorilla Part X Tow- Trail Recovery Payoff / Aussie WEROCK
16. Hybrid 609 Axle Build MOAB I
17. Twin Toyota Part I Tucson II Trail Dust Days
18. Twin Toyota Part II Trail Payoff
19. CORR Part IV Extreme Rhino Racing
20. Samurai Part I
21. Samurai Part II
22. Cheap Jeep Returns
23. Dirt Sports Baja Charity Run Special!