Xtreme Off Road (2014) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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Heres the premier season of Xtreme Off Road, the number one how-to show for the hands-on 4x4 enthusiast. Host Ian Johnson kicks off the season by building the frame for a Lamborghini-inspired rock bouncer and it gets wilder from there. If youre on a budget, learn how to build an inexpensive trail rig, or create a one-of-a-kind hauler for your 4x4. But Xtreme Off Road is not just about full builds. Ian shows you how to upgrade your off-roader with a variety of DIY modifications, with step-by-step instructions. Ian also converts a carbureted engine to fuel injection and a gas-powered rig to a Cummins diesel! If you typically take your vehicle places after the road ends, Xtreme Off Road is the kind of TV show you cant miss!

"Shows Included"

1. Rock Bouncer

2. Dirt Cheap Fun

3. Crawler Hauler

4. Beefier T Case

5. Cummins Diesel Swap

6. Exo-Skeleton Cage

7. How to Fab a Flat Bed

8. Rock Bouncer IBS Install

9. Crawler Hauler: 4 Link & Airbags

10. Project: Hocus Focus

11. Rock Bouncer Rolling

12. Big Rig Ram Diesel

13. Big Rig Ram Diesel Complete

14. Project Hocus Focus: Roll Cage

15. Rock Bouncer: Rock Race Axles

16. Ultimate UTV

17. King of the Hammers Special

18. Rock Bouncer Returns

19. Hocus Focus: How to Rally Cross

20. Veteran XJ: Size Matters

21. Veteran XJ: Deep Gears

22. Field Tests Galore