Xtreme Off Road (2015) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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The number-one show in North America for the off-road enthusiast is back and wilder than ever! Strap in while host Ian Johnson takes you from the trails of Tennessee to the red rocks of Moab, Utah, in a variety of amazing projects, all while showing you how to duplicate them in your own shop. Not only does Ian demonstrate how to build the best off-road machines, this season he built a couple of rigs to get you to the action, including a Power Stroke Ford-powered chase truck and Project Crawler Hauler, a one-of-a-kind diesel Isusu. With this DVD, you can learn how to tune electronic fuel injection, swap an automatic for a manual gearbox, rebuild a late-model Hemi and swap it in your rig, plus install axles. Naturally, there are welding tips galore, so hop in and enjoy the ride.

"Shows Included"

1. WD40 Specialist Jeep - Chassis

2. WD40 Specialist Jeep - Driveline

3. Fluid Transfer

4. Bullet Proof Driveline

5. Automatic to Manual

6. Project - LockJaw

7. WD40 Specialist Jeep - Payoff

8. Pinion Brake Tech

9. Lock Jaw: Hemi

10. DIY Shop Tools

11. Lock Jaw: Final Prep

12. Lock Jaw: Cage Fight

13. Lock Jaw: Moab or Bust

14. PowerStroke Chase Rig: Part I

15. PowerStroke Chase Rig: Part II

16. DIY Axle Setup

17. Raging Bull Rock Bouncer

18. 4x4 Mayhem

19. Sgt Savage: Part I

20. Sgt Savage: Part II

21. Sgt Savage: Part III

22. Post-Trail Tech

23. Running with the Bull