Xtreme Off-Road (2016) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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Xtreme Off Road, the number one how-to show for the hands-on 4x4 enthusiast, is back creating the wildest off-road rigs on earth. Host Ian Johnson keeps the low-buck enthusiast in mind, whether that means showing you the latest welding tips with an affordable welder, or how to assemble an all-out 4x4 on a $10,000 budget. Xtreme Off Road goes where no other show will tread: DIY modifications with step-by-step instructions, diesel transplants, even a 6x6 Suburban for the zombie apocalypse! This DVD shows you everything you need to build the ultimate machine for going where there are no roads.

"Shows Included"

1. Discount Datsun

2. Project: Buckin Bronco

3. Discount Datsun Part II

4. Buckin Bronco Part II

5. Discount Datsun Shocks

6. Skinning the Buckin Bronco

7. Discount Datsun On the Trail

8. Suburban Survival

9. Suburban Survival: Axles

10. Buckin Bronco

11. Driveshaft 101

12. Suburban Survival: 6x6

13. Moab Madness

14. Buckin Bronco Back Half

15. Suburban Survival: Body Mods

16. Deluxe Denali

17. Jeep LJ Hemi Swap

18. Unlimited Off-Road Expo

19. Adventure Jeep Body Mods

20. Nissan NV: Diesel Engine

21. Adventure Jeep Axles

22. Nissan NV: Heavy Cargo


23. XOR Adventure Ride