Xtreme Off Road (2019) Complete Season 5-Disc Set

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The number one off-road enthusiast show is back! Xtreme Off-Road co-hosts Jeremy Weckman and Eliza Leon have been busy with some exciting new projects! 

Shows Included:

Episodes in this case:

  1. Prerunner Ranger: Headers & Shocks

  2. New Project Day and Prerunner Cage

  3. Willys Project Start

  4. Prerunner Ranger Interior

  5. Ranger Body Panels

  6. Straight Up Tacoma

  7. Farewell Scout

  8. Prerunner Ranger: The Power Episode

  9. Straight Up Tacoma: Straight Axle Swap

  10. Prerunner Ranger: Light it Up!

  11. Tall Tacoma, Ranger Danger

  12. JL Rubicon: Shakedown

  13. JL Rubicon: Tires and Under Armor

  14. JL Rubicon: Strength

  15. Tacoma Topper

  16. Jeep JL Power Adder

  17. Tacoma Trailblazing

  18. Jeep JL Clearance Time

  19. Prerunner Ranger’s Final Hours

  20. Memorial

  21. Dirty JL